About Us

Mission Statement

Trivium’s Mission is to deliver the highest quality of Healthcare by enhancing the emotional intelligence of our team. This will allow us to become a global healthcare leader today and beyond, as we continue to discover and embrace 21st Century Healthcare.

Our History

The word Trivium derives from the latin word tri-(three) and via (roads) "therefore the place where three roads meet". Trivium was founded on three basic principles that meet at a cross road, THINK BIG, ALWAYS EXECUTE AND DELIVER RESULTS. IN 2013 a healthcare executive and physician sought to bring change and a branded approach to healthcare. After surveying friends and family, it was clear that a need for better education and planning was adequately missing. 80% of the people surveyed did not have a plan of how they’re long-term health would be managed and who would manage it. That was the birth of REACHING TOMORROW BY PLANNING TODAY.

Today we are in three states and each branch office is a make-up and fabric of the communities they service.

Trivium plans to grow exponentially by 2020, giving clients the access to great healthcare is no-longer an option. As a healthcare provider it is in our corporate responsibility to ensure that we help people live longer and healthier lives.